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I placed an order with Ann Taylor two weeks ago. I am a new lawyer who works for the public defender (=is broke) who needed several suits for a week of court appearances, so I waited for the summer sale to buy several suits.

After a week, my order still had not shipped. I contacted customer service and told them I needed the suits within the next week (which would be the second week). A customer service rep wrote back and told me that most of my items are not actually available and they would send what was (which amounted to half of one suit separates--a jacket from one set). Previously, a similar thing had happened and I had received one skirt from one set of an order. Even though a half a suit is obviously not too helpful, no contact has ever been made to ask if I still wanted to receive a suit separate that will only make for one half of a suit.

Two weeks later, the one I have written and asked for the order to be canceled. I have had no response. My credit card is carrying a charge for about $500 based on ordering multiple suits. The one jacket that was in stock is still not shipped. The website still lists all the "unavailable" items I ordered as available. My court appearances have come and gone, and I had to buy a full suit at full price from another retailer.

I will not be shopping from again, despite the fact that they are one of the few sources of non-dowdy petite suits I have found.

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Wow, what a *** you must be random person from California.

Los Angeles, California, United States #690576

The previous comment poster is an ***. You bought matching suits and that's what you should have received.

Nobody wants to represent clients at court in a mismatched suit (by the way, a secretary doesn't have to dress like a lawyer who is held to a much higher standard).

A secretary wouldn't know these things though. :p

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #679210

You don't need several suits for a weeks worth of any kind of appearances. You can mix and match.

Wear a black skirt with a grey or beige jacket. Have several different blouses/shirts to use too. Actually you can get by with nice dresses too. You also don't need all skirt suits---pant suits can be worn too.

There again alternating different colors. You should also have some wearable clothes from when you were in school. When I took a two year legal secretary course, it was constantly brought up that when we were in class we should dress as we would be expected to for the job.

The same applied to the students that were in the medical secretary class.

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