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If you are in the job market for a seasonal position, DO NOT work at Ann Taylor on Madison Avenue. This place is ***!!! PLEASE! Do save yourself now and and avoid this cess pit! The management is the worst, they yell at you! They treat you like dirt, like you're lower than dirt! The managers all talk about each other, they even talk about managers at other stores. There is no loyalty amongst them, but then they expect YOU to have loyalty to THEM!!! After you just witnessed one manager dog the next one out!!! They act like a bunch of spoiled kids!! Professionalism does not exist in this place!! One of the managers can't even speak decent English! She routinely adds extra syllables and consonants to simple everyday words! And then she brags about how she is working on here MBA! Her handwriting looks like that of a 4 year old and she throws tantrums when the other managers are not around, and then she smiles real big when the DM shows up!

OMG! Don't get me started on the GM! I don't even want to repeat the things that I have heard her say about other GMs and former managers. Professionalism does not exist in this building! I feel like I'm working at Target or WalMart! Don't even get me started on how the effeminate manager calls other woman "***" regularly, especially the former GM!! They don't like the last GM and its obvious how they are always dogging her out, they have plenty to say about her! But yet they smile all up in her face when she comes in for meetings! They are such a disgrace and poor examples of leaders!

And the way that they talk about the associates???? So sad! SO SAD! I just listen, I don't say anything! But please believe it that I have all of this mess written down because this place will one day go down! I don't know WHERE they got these people from to manage this place, but with their level of unprofessionalism TRUST ME everything that is coming to them will catch up to them! It always does! You can't expect to mistreat other human beings, good people, and think that the law of Karma wont eventually sweep through!

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White Plains, New York, United States #1190522

Totally agree, they made my teen Employee of the month only for jealousy to arise by Ridge hill manager Nydia in Yonkers NY who yelled, changed hours, humiliated her and forced her to scrub the toilet. She had no choice to quit after that only two months on the job.

White Plains, New York, United States #1190073

I believe you. My 18 year old worked at Loft Westchester Ridge Hill yonkers for less than two months.

She sold so much that she won Employee of the month.

After than the manager Nydia began yelling at her, changing her hours, humiliated her and made her clean the toilet. After that she resigned.


As of 2013 this review stands true. I was literally yelled at for asking to clock out at the time I was scheduled to leave.

The managers all talk down to each other and have no patience.

They are easily irritated and take it out on the associates. It's a real shame.


I agree they lie, make promises, talk about each other, and they stay on the phone bugging the employees about ROV, Conversion, and pushing credit cards off on customers. They hired me in from a job that I had been on for more than 4 years and terminated me 2 1/2 months later.

This is just a little of what happened. If Ann Taylor calls anyone for work "RUN".

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